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Permit Pro TEAM

Permit Pro Homes

Permitted construction ensures the value of your home.    Read More

residential building plans

Residential Building Design Plans for a new home, an addition, or element.    Read More

On-site Inspections

Inspections of non-permitted construction are confidential and non-bias.    Read More

Building Permits Obtained

The Permit Pro TEAM are professionals in obtaining building permits.    Read More

Construction halted because of inspections or contractors gone.    Read More

We have helped 350+ clients were their non-permitted construction.    Read More

About Us

Our company is lead by Ian Scattergood, a past Code Enforcement Officer, who understands the permitting processes and the issues of non-compliance.

Permitting of Illegal Structures

A structure, home or business, may be found to have a non-permitted or illegal building element at the worst possible time. This often occurs during a sale and may end up preventing the sale through delay or rejecton by the buyer.

Residential Building and Design Plans

Whether you need new plans to correct some un-permitted construction, want an additional room, or want to build a custom home, the Permit Pro TEAM has the skils, experience and plans to deliver for you.

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Can help you gain bank loan approval

Can help firm construction cost bids

Help with the fast issuing of building permits

Aid with the quicker completion of construction

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