Permit Pro TEAM Advantage

The Permit Pro Consultant has successfully permitted over 350 illegal structures since they found this market need in 1992.

Permit Pro Success Stories

The Permit Pro Consultant has met with hundreds of home owners on a confidential and non-bias basis to review their project strength and weakneses. The following are just a few examples of the successes of the Pro permit Team!

Non-permitted Construction 1 Pre-Home #1

This home had an unfinished porch whose plan was not permitted.

Permitted Construction 1 Post-Home #1

The home after the Permit Pro team took over the project, drew up the plans, gained permits, and managed the construction completion.

Non-permitted Construction 2 Pre-Home #2

This location required plans for an updated exterior, landscaping and an A.D.A-approved access room.

Permitted Construction 2 Post-Home #2

The home after completed construction: new exterior finish, landscaping, and A.D.A-approved ramp.

Non-permitted Construction 3 Pre-Home #3

This home was only partially begun and required all of the services of the Permit Pro Team.

Permitted Construction 3 Post-Home #3

The finished home courteous of the skills and efforts of the Permit Pro Team.

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