Non-Permitted Construction

The Permit Pro Consultant has successfully permitted over 350 illegal structures since they found this market need in 1992.

Non-Permitted Construction How did we get noticed?

The City and County use a combination of tools to locate non-permitted construction such as this improper gragae buildout: aerial photos, Code Enforcement Officer drive-by, real estate listings (listed square footage vs. County records), tipsters and even irate family members.

Permit-Stopped Home Sale How does this affect me?

Un-permitted construction discovered in the middle of a home sale can halt the preceding. Many times the buyers walks away from the sale rather than deal with the difficulties of correcting the construction problem. Correcting the problem is not a simple process.

Permit-Approved by the Permit Pro TEAM What can we do about it?

Simple Solution: call the Permit Pro TEAM. We conduct a confidential survey of the problem, prepare code-compliant technical drawings, gain the permits, and ensure the construction receives Inspector's approvals so that your non-permitted problem is a thing of the past!


Do you see unusual stucco cracks?

Is egress, lighting or ventilation eliminated?

Is non-temperd glass used where code requires tempered glass?

Is there an illegal guard rail on a deck or stairs or perhaps no guard rail?

Is there a lack of separation between your house and your garage?

Does your fence or a yard structure encroach on your neighbor's property?

New Home or New Construction

Plans for new homes, for electrical, lighting, plumbing systems or for new rooms, garages, and decks, must be technically detailed, accurate and code-compliant.

Custom Home Plans residential building plans

We have custom home plans on file or can create for you residential building plans to suit your desires. Or perhaps you want a new deck, a new garage or an additional room. We can create code-compliant construction plans to your specifications.

Inspection of Non-Permitted Construction Correcting Non-Permitted Construction

So you've been notified of non-permitted construction and need our help! We start with research of your property. We verify your permits with County records and through on-site inspection. Then we take field measurements and verify type of construction, sizes, and code violations.

Construction Drawings & Permits Construction Drawings & Permits

Once we haveall th einformaton we need, we coordinate with consultants: enginees, Title 24 preparers and contractors. Then we prepare your code-compliant construction documents and submit your plans for the required permits.

Let The Permit Pro TEAM help you as they have helped so many others.


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