Company Profile

The success of our company is founded on the leadership of Ian Scattergood, a past Code Enforcement Officer, who understands the permitting processes and the issues of non-compliance.

Permit Pro Permit Service

Ninety (90%) of all homes have had something done without a permit: miscellaneous electrical, plumbing or mechanical work. When these non-complaince constructions are spotted by inspectors, often during the sale of a home or sometimes reported by neighbors and, yes, family members, then the non-permitted construction must be corrected.

However, you may not know that there are 19 local building departments: 19 sets of building, plumbing and electrical codes; 19 sets of planning departments and 19 sets of departmental personnel. Each jurisdiction has its own fees; each jurisdiction has its own documents; and each jurisdiction has its own municipal codes and/or ordinances.

This is where Ian Scattergood and his team excel. Your asset with The Permit Pro Consultant is that they have dealt with most of these jurisdictions, fees, documents, regulations, penalties and personnel!

If you have noticed non-permitted construction or simply need new construction in your home, call The Permit Pro Consultant at (619) 589-0088 to get the team who will see the job done right!

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